Do you want to BE a Roman Gladiator? Legionary? Centurion? General? Senator? We've been living your dream for years! Be the Hero! Live the Dream.

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In the ancient Age of her Etruscan Kings, the Forum Romanum began as a marketplace nestled in a valley between the prominent hills of the rustic village by the Tiber. As Rome achieved her mighty destiny, marble monuments to her greatness replaced those markets. If all roads led to Rome, then all Rome's roads led to her Forum. Here the Plebeian Assembly and Rome's august Senators met to make their laws and to decide the fate of the world they ruled. The Roman World.

The Forum Romanum links provided herein are intended to serve as a site index to this online representation of our Roman world. Our organization has been in existence since 1987. We've grown bigger and better over the years, through the efforts and dedication of our membership, or "citizenry."  Please take time to review our Mos Maiorum. The Mos Maiorum provides every detail of our society's
guidelines and structure. Rome is an extended family. We're all about fun the Roman way. Our Mos Maiorum comprises Rome's laws and our way of life. It details how to become a citizen and a Senator, how our citizens interact, how our laws are made, how our Legions assemble and conduct themselves on the battlefield. The Mos Maiorum is the embodiment of our traditions and of our consistent success. It's what makes us greater than the sum of our parts. The Mos Maiorum is what makes Rome the most envied and

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Mos Maiorum   - Rome's Guidelines and Structure

Mos Maiorum in PDF format
Roman Citizenship  - joining Rome
Government   - an interactive organization chart of Rome's administrative structure. 
Military   - another interactive organization chart detailing Rome's Order of Battle. 

Military Campaigns

Event Schedule  Where and when all the fun is going to happen!
Directions to Events  - ...and how you get there.
How to make a Warbands Javelin
How to make a Warbands Shield
How to make a Warbands Roman Sword

Photographic history of Rome

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Rome 2008

Rome 2007
Rome 2006
Rome 2005

Rome 2004
Rome 2003
Rome 2002

Rome 2001
Rome 2000
Battle Pictures
Rome & Romans
Toga Parties! 

The Census! (Coming soon!)


  Pennsic War - Includes links to helpful resources
   Dominus on Pennsic
   Pennsic Directions
   Pennsic Video

  Armistice   - Includes helpful information about this Regional crossgaming event


Medieval Combat Organizations - Includes information on Warbands & the SCA, and Rome's participation.
Roman Provinces and Reenactors - Rome around the world.
Historical Resource Links  - Includes recommended sites and vendors.