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Roman Directions to Pennsic
Coopers Lake Campground
205 Currie Road
Slippery Rock, PA, 16057

Directions from Washington D.C.

270 North to 70 West
Junction with I-70/76 PA-Tpk West
Junction with I-79 North you will have to go through Cranberry on US 19 Connector
to get to I-79 North just follow the signs...  Go 30 some miles and then
Take Exit 99 [Old Exit 29] "Route 422 West" for New Castle and Butler
Proceed approximately 3/4 miles to the sign for Cooper's Lake Campground (sign for Cooper's Lake is very small however there is a tall Auto Auction sign at the turn as well) and turn right onto Currie Road. 
Follow Road until you find yourself in the midst of Tents and Pavilions. 
Proceed to the Troll Booth and check in. 
The entire drive should not exceed V hours, and it will represent one of the best investments of time in your medieval career.

Rome is encamped in B06, on the west side of the Battlefield. 
Look for the Eagle (below)! 
Report to the Praefectus Castrorum immediately upon arrival

Pennsic Map


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