Do you want to BE a Roman Gladiator? Legionary? Centurion? General? Senator? We've been living your dream for years! Be the Hero! Live the Dream.

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The Political Hierarchy is a forum (no pun intended) for Roman administration through both the Senate and the Plebeian Assembly. The Consuls run the Senate which represents the Noble Houses. The Tribune of the Plebs represents Plebian and Equestrian interests in the Senate and is capable of Vetoing Senate legislation.

This format provides for a great deal of pomp and circumstance while ensuring that the wants, needs, and expectations of each Roman citizen are at least recognized.

The information presented here are excerpts from Rome's Guidelines and Structure, our "Mos Maiorum."

Please click on the titles for a brief description of each.

A Roman Official or Magistrate may be called upon by the Senate or Imperator to act as a representative of Rome. Roman Officials were historically notorious for sticking their unwanted noses into the business of foreign nations and dignitaries. The Official's function may be diplomatic, investigative, to serve a summons, or to represent Rome's interests on a medieval society's council. In any case, the Official carries the full weight of Roman authority. Upon completion of the task, the Official shall report the results to the Senate.

Following a term in a politically elected office, the Magistrate's title is altered by adding the suffix "pro" for the following six-month term. For instance, an ex-Praetor becomes the Propraetor, the ex-Consul becomes the Proconsul, etc. This is strictly an honorary title and accords no powers to the individual. Historically the Proconsuls and Propraetors would be given a province to govern (bleed dry) and would not be seen in Rome for at least a year.


SENATORIAL CENSVS as of 02/03/2006





Consul Gurrundi Valerius Pontifex Maximus Patrician Valerius
Consul Sextus Hostilius Equestrian Hostilius
Praetor Lucius Veridius Lupus Equestrian Veridius
Aedile Suetonius Rokan Equestrian Suetonius
Quaestor Basilus Rutilus Equestrian Rutilus
Tribune of the Plebs Arria Draconia Plebeian  
Senator Suetonius Spartacus Equestrian Suetonius
Senator Allaricus Xirinius Dominus Patrician Xirinius
Senator Damon Arthol Douglas Patrician Arthol
Senator Drosylus Valerius Patrician Valerius
Senator Maximus Equestrian Maximus
Senator Pendin Tempest Siamicus Patrician Tempest
Senator Suetonius Alistair Saturnalicus Equestrian Suetonius
Senator Tobias Deloricus Desponius Patrician Deloricus
Senator Veatrus Suetonius Saturnalicus Equestrian Suetonius