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Classical Roman Resource Centers

The links below are Rome's recommended list of excellent online historical references and vendors who supply reenactment equipment.
Click here for links to medieval combat organizations, like SCA and Dagorhir.
Click here for a comprehensive list of Roman reenactors around the world. 

Dominus' Recommended List of Roman References & Vendor Links

Roman Names Legion XXVI's awesome Roman Names page
 A List of EVERY Roman Consul before 1995!
  Wikipedia Roman Naming Conventions  
  SCA's Naming Practices of Regal and Republican Rome!
Cool Roman Merchandise and Vendors - go to "Ancient Rome Gifts" for awesome decorative items and appliqué, including bronze eagle/laurel, lions, medusa heads. Great Roman souvenirs not offered anywhere else
Nix Imperial - pricey but incredible reenactment quality helmets and armor, banners, eagles, and weaponry not offered elsewhere
La Wren's Nest - highly recommended vendor and provider of reenactment quality Roman clothing, including togas and tunics!
  Brutus' Roman Merchandise Page - Tee shirts, totes, mugs, etc
  Translate! Edgy t-shirts, apparel and gifts in Latin. The classics with a twist!
Greek Key Pattern Trim for Tunics Fabric Dragon
Calontir Trim
Roman Tactical Treatises Flavius Vegetius Renatus' treatise: Military Matters   
Sextus Julius Frontinus's treatise, the Strategemata 
For Fun Which Roman Emperor are you?
Which "I, Claudius" character are you?

Roma Victor®: a non-fantasy MMORPG (Massively-Multi player Online Role-Playing Game) based in the Roman Empire, circa 180AD.(the pilot project of RedBedlam Ltd.)

Pictures from  the city of Rome


University and/or Educational Sites


Lacus Curtius  
Bill Thayer's site: Thousands of links to Roman sites of every kind! 
MMDTKW SMATCH site (Scientific Methodologies Applied to Cultural Heritage) Articles on Ancient History - Excellent site!
The Forum Romanum Great Educational Site
Illustrated History of the Roman Empire
Ancient Rome Maps, articles, law, very informative
Catholic Resources Org Felix Just, SJ  One of the best collections of Rome picture and old maps we've seen
Dalton School Group's The Rome Project  
Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
Images from World History Images from history of world art and archaeology for use in the classroom.
Britannia British History Home Page
Roman Byzantine Sites Informative site
World Cultures Home Page Educational Site


Online Reference Books and Journals


ORB Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Essay on Gibbon and his book
The Internet Classics Archive Searchable collection of almost 400 classical Greek and Roman texts (in English translation).
Roman Emperors
The Law of the Twelve Tables History Guide Org
The Aeneid of Virgil Online version
Athena Review Journal of Archaeology, History, and Exploration
The Mad Monarchs Series Crazy Caesars of Rome
Roman Law University of Saarbrücken
De Imperatoribus Romanis Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors


Archaeological and Virtual Reconstruction Sites


Pompeii Forum Project Systematic documentation of the architecture and decoration of the forum.
Lepcis Magna Window on the Roman World in North Africa
Centre for Roman Studies A Case Studie of Regio I, Insula 9, Pompeii
The Hadrianic Baths  (Leptis Magna) Virtual Reconstruction
Plan de Rome Virtual Reconstruction


Millitary Oriented Sites


The Roman Hideout
Armamentarium "The Book of Roman Arms and Armor"
Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site
The Story of Hannibal Hannibal on Livius Org


Map Sites


Roman Maps Felix Just, SJ
Atlas of the Greek and Roman World The Classical Atlas Project
Roman Place Names Ancient Names and Their Modern Equivalents


Roman Daily Life Sites


Women's Life in Greece and Rome Oppian Law
Feminae Antiquae An Informal Look at the Lives of Women in Ancient Rome
Midwives and Maternity Care in Ancient Rome Articles from a special issue of Helios
Antique Roman Dishes Many Old Roman Recipes
Ancient Art of Roman Cooking Antique Roman Cooking
Roman Board Games Many Roman Board Games with Rules
Roman Calendar Great History and Breakdown
Roman Calendar and Holidays Good Informative Site