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This is a generic page, including two categories. The first of these includes pictures of our Romans traveling abroad, in Roman places or doing Roman things. The second category is art inspired by Roman history or Roman literature.  As it says on our front page, our Rome, as a society, is less an attempt to recreate Rome as we are a celebration of Roman history. As such, we are as inspired by art (and Hollywood!) as we are by the history that inspired it. We hope you will enjoy both categories.

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For some excellent pictures from the city of Rome, I recommend this page.

BestRoman.JPG (43802 bytes)
Dominus Conquers Jamaica! Voted "Best Roman" at Hedonism II from a cast of hundreds.

chariots.jpg (80357 bytes)
"Chariots" by Ken Kelly.
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Vercingetorix.jpg (81110 bytes)
"Vercingetorix" rendering unto Caesar at Alesia. 
Starring Gurrundi as Caesar! (Convert to bitmap for your windows desktop - Thanks, Pertinax!)

7Romans.jpg (54322 bytes)
Frank Frazetta's
"Seven Romans"

Coliseum.jpg (59344 bytes)
Dominus & a former girlfriend in the Coliseum rooting for the lions, Arch of Constantine in the background

Colosseum04.jpg (45702 bytes)
Heraklides and Sven in the Coliseum, 2004

Thumbs_Down.jpg (82433 bytes)
Jean-Léon Gérôme's "Police Verso" (Thumbs Down), dated 1872, an inspiration for Ridley Scott's Gladiator. (Convert to bitmap for your windows desktop - Thanks, Pertinax!)

rogueroman.jpg (57017 bytes)
"Rogue Roman"
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On Palatine Hill in Rome, where the Caesars lived.

Heraklides_Forum04.jpg (53114 bytes)
Heraklides in the Roman Forum, 2004

Cicero.jpg (103375 bytes)
"Cicero Denouncing Catiline"
By Cesare Maccari
Another great desktop!
romanchariot.jpg (78581 bytes)
"Roman Chariot"
By Frank Frazetta

Dominus at the Senate House, the Curia Julia. 

Carthage.JPG (63012 bytes)
"The Sack of Carthage"
 TheTriumphofTitus.jpg (53665 bytes)
Lawrence Alma-Tadema's
"The Triumph of Titus"
Spring.jpg (66770 bytes)
Lawrence Alma-Tadema's

Roman signums drying after their ceremonial dip in the Tiber River, Rome 1997

"The Triumph of Marius"

Lawrence Alma-Tadema's
"An Audience at Agrippa's"

Lawrence Alma-Tadema's
"After the Audience"
Bath2001.jpg (63327 bytes)
Dominus (and Dad) at Roman Baths in Bath, England, 2001

"Battle of Vercellae"
 "Caracalla&Geta.jpg (57045 bytes)
"Caracalla and Geta"

HeraklidesAlesia2004.jpg (57427 bytes)
Heraklides at the scene of Caesar's victory at Alesia, 2004

"Rape of the Sabine Women
BathsOfCaracalla.jpg (51089 bytes)
"Baths of Caracalla"

Thomas Couture's
"Romans of the Decadence"

Collier's Horace & Lydia

"Proclaiming Claudius Emperor"

"Remorse of Nero"

"Ave Caesar! Io Saturnalia!"

Entrance to a Roman Theatre

"House of Gaius Martius"

Godward's "Yes or No"
Battle4Stonehenge.jpg (230790 bytes)
"Battle for Stonehenge"
Consuls.JPG (66504 bytes)
(From the Capitoline Hill Museum)
War.JPG (51094 bytes)
(From the Capitoline Hill Museum)
GRACU.jpg (44193 bytes)

The Continence of Scipio

Oath of the Horatii