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ROMAN BATTLE Pictures, 2006

Cnaeus Morgan Valerius

"You cheer my heart, who build
as if Rome would be eternal."

- Augustus Caesar to Piso, from Plutarch's Apothegms

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Heraklides on the Tigris River in Bagdad

Dagorhir's Saturnalia Battle - 12/16/2007

Honoring Rome's newest:

Gratius and Primus


Dagorhir's Annual Post-Thanksgiving Epic - 11/26/06

Dagorhir's Battle of Badon Hill - September 29, 2006  

8 Legions!

200 Combatants!


Right: Arthol.
a Roman Hero


Putting the "grrrr" in Gurrundi

Round Table Revel: Good Times

Our esteemed allies: Narnia! Thanks for sharing the pics. And the experience.

More Battle of Badon Hill Pictures

SCA Pennsic XXXV - August 14-19, 2006  Read the Pennsic Independent!       

Lining up to deploy

Rome Taking the Field


Making an entrance

That's an army!

More pics on the way!

Pre-Battle Briefing

Hey! It's the Romans!

Heraklides' Pennsic Birthday

Rome after a decisive victory

After the last engagement

Thank you with love!

Rome's Ladies

Ünsterblichen Alliance:
Thanks to our friends for another great year!

Rome's Legions

Rome & Family
Thanks, Lisonna. Not just for the pictures, but for your continued selfless dedication!
Thanks too to Tim (Ursus) Tyson, for his generous contribution of pictures.

Dagorhir Althyng XXII - July 30, 2006


Dagorhir Ragnarok XXI - June 18-25, 2006

Day One:


More pics coming!

Rome's Legions

Rome & Family

Dagorhir Mayhem Battle - May 20, 2006

Rome's victorious Legions

 pose for pictures after the battle

Pre-battle preparation

Arria, Lucius, & Gurrundi

Sextus, Veatrus & Alistair
Thanks for the pictures, Arria!

April 1 Dagorhir Battle - Victories Abound!

Taking the field in columns

Two unit battles won against valiant foes

Moore, Cicero and Gradius move in

Brutilus takes aim

Alistair versus Tauron

Victorious Legions the end of a hard fought day

Thanks for the pictures, Pooka!

March 25, 2006 - SCA Battle - Defending the Gate V

Preparing for battle

Charging through



Beldinius versus Tash

Charging again

Tobias hurls down a champion

Holding them back

except one.

Epic struggle

Tobias lets the

defenders through

Beldinius is everywhere!

Dominus & Beldinius

Rome reigns triumphant


Going for the touchdown

Thanks for the pics, Beldinius!

Lucius Flavius Seneca and Maximus

Beldinius versus a knight

CeeNedra Authorizes!

March 11, 2006 - Dagorhir Battle

Taking the Field - Opening Moves of 2006

Rome's Legions triumphant

Legion XIV
at Narnia's Father Christmas Event, Tartarus Invictus

Morgan & Darius: first battle in V years and already looking sharp!

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