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"Dear sun, you can never lay eyes on anywhere greater than Rome."
     -Quintus Horatius Flaccus, Roman Poet

"Please, O please, send me more afternoons like this!"
     -Publius Ovidius Naso, Roman Poet



Dagorhir's January Battle

Special thanks to Zagref of the Northlands Militia and Crynolyn of Mordor  for your much-appreciated contributions. 

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Rome marches off to War! (And poses for post-battle photo ops:)
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The Defense of Minas Tirith

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Saturday at Ragnarok XIX: the biggest Dagorhir battles ever!

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The awesome Angaron Collection:


The armies line up.

Rome absorbs the brave Fianna charge

The armies clash!
Dominus rallies the Praetorians to Rome's left as a hole opens in the enemy center Flanking the enemy left, Rome's Legions reform and sweep the field from the right.
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Roman Crucifixion Party!


Most of these are provided courtesy of Count Tobias, Sarai, & Lisonna

The Legions on Tuesday following...

...our glorious woods battle!

18 Romans!

Rome's camp by night

Entering the woods...

Bridge battle panorama
(Big pic; Rome on left)

Legion II

Legion VIII

Alistair with Antonius & MacHale

Suetonius Alistair

The enfranchisement of Sven Drapsmennen

Dominus caught a fish this big

After the siege battle

Celebratory Dinner


Alistair & Dominus

And keeping the world safe for debauchery: Circaeus in Afghanistan!

Dagorhir Battle, 9-11-04
For more pics from the Dagorhir 911 battle, check Ronnie Boone Photography.
Much-appreciated pictures courtesy of our friends the Gesteguiste

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