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Rome has a long tradition of hosting an extravagant Toga Party every New Year's Eve. We have a history of incredible parties, each worthy of Roman grandeur and depravity. The invitation is detailed here.

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New Year's Eve Toga Party: 2006-2007

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Rome's illustrious soldiery
Toga Party 2015_b-001.JPG (482255 bytes)

and her adorning jewels, right:

Rome's lovely Ladies


What a party! What great fun, and great company to share it with!

Arria Dracona and Lucius Veridius Lupus


Right: Consul Basilus
Rutilius and Valkyrie

Thanks to everyone who joined Rome for the New Year's Eve festivities. We bid adieu to 2023 and welcomed 2007. Petronius wrote in the Satyricon, "All the promise of a new year shines before our eyes." Never has this felt more true than in the warmth and company of so many great friends and good people. As I said in my speech, thanks to all of you for adding so much to my life, and to each others' lives. Together we've shared so many truly unique and memorable experiences. I treasure those memories, and the friendships that we have forged from them. Let this year be a celebration of those friendships, as New Year's Eve was. Thank you all. Ave Rome!      -Dominus

Most honored guests

Duke Andreas Eisfalke of House Bloodguard, with his wife Gabriella

Duke Andreas and Haus Komtur Gunther der Dunkel


Sean & Elle
2011-01-01 Tat and Liz.jpg (170479 bytes)
Tatiana & Narunya

House Alexander

Daz in da house!

Cuttin' the rug

Lovely Crispina


Auspices for the new year:

More pics on the way!!!

Uileagh and Shannon











For the most part, pictures included on this page are captured moments from Rome's New Years' Eve Toga parties. It's not just the New Year we gather to celebrate, it's the anniversary of the Mos Maiorum. On New Years Eve, December 31, 1994, Rome had a party in a Frederick hotel room. Some great Romans you know now were there: among them Tobias & Baculus. I gave them the rough draft of the Mos  Maiorum that night. We formed the Senate, and worked the Mos Maiorum into the voice of Roman tradition and law you know today. That's what we gather to celebrate on New Years: Rome's transition from an army to a state. Prior to that, Rome  had for years been just Legions. I was her general. But unfortunately I was also the Consuls, the Praetor, Aedile, etc. I had taken a year off from medievalism because I was just burned out from the incredible quantity of work that's involved with governing our glorious state. An old friend talked me into coming back out to fight, reminded me how much fighting was in my blood. Rome had almost died, but the dream and reputation lived on. I returned and breathed life into Rome with the help of men like Tobias, Aristodemus, Baculus and Carradonicus. We built the Senate, Rome's governing and administrative body. We built  a mighty foundation for a structure that could last forever. In Rome, the work and honors go hand in hand, every voice is heard, and every citizen shares a part, with room to grow and build, and realize their dreams. That's what we gather to celebrate on New Year's Eve.


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