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Important: This is a party sponsored by and for the Senate and People of Rome and their invited guests. If you have not been invited, write to Dominus/Sean and make sure it's okay. If you're a friend of Rome you're certainly welcome, provided you know how to behave in the Villa Dominus. Stumbling on to this page does NOT qualify as an invitation. To continue...

Join Rome’s citizenry for a Bacchanalian revelry of unparalleled extravagance worthy of Roman grandeur! Come share a New Year's Eve memory as eternal as Rome!


December 31, 2015 (The most convenient time for a New Year's Eve Party!) at the glamorously opulent, fabulously luxurious Villa Dominus

8:00 pm Thursday until we kick you out Sunday night (by forcing you to watch all XIII episodes of "I, Claudius")

Wear a Roman toga or themed costume. This is not a medievalist party, it is a Toga Party! Go with the theme, that’s what makes it fun.

We'll have a place, a theme, some champagne, party treats, endless eye candy, all the alcoholic loot plundered from the Battle of Badon Hill, an epic extravaganza with all the usual suspects, fun and games for adults of all ages, and a cast of tens! Bring your favorite or specialty drinks and some to share. Our shared efforts will make this a party to remember!

You can extend this invitation to include people you know and trust who are close to you, but run it by me first. And, of course, please bring your family who support your fun all year long. Please give us a chance to show them a good time for a change! Please let me know who will be coming with you in advance.

There is No Entry Fee, as always! This party is Rome's gift to her many friends!

Festive lights sparkle from ancient hills' rich villas where imperial ambitions were born. Myriad beacons stave off the Eternal City's dark midwinter murk. Saturnalia's festivals are now complete. The servile toil to pour libations from splashing amphorae into gem encrusted chalices of their togate masters.

Campaign season lies months hence, after spring's thaw. War's gleaming instruments are sheathed this night. Conquerors' bejeweled fists instead lift goblets high to honored friends and beloved family. Antiquity's noble plunderers revel in salutation of New Year's shining hopes and crimson destinies.

In purple frescoed villas and marble halls of the Roman great, the glowing promise of a new day is deified on such a night as New Year's Eve as Janus, the twin-faced God of Gates. He stands as the mystical personification of transition. Transition between what has been and what will be. Between past and future, memory and imagination, knowledge and fear. Between hearth's comfort and the benighted gulfs of the endless void. Janus stands with us as we stand together – at the threshold of eternity.

With immortal Janus, we will greet the new year together and unafraid. We will toast with ceremony and decorum our memories of shared glories in years gone by. We will toast with roaring Bacchanalian excess the unparalleled prosperity we will carve from 2008 under the golden Eagles of Empire. And most importantly, we will honor those many cherished friendships that make our history so memorable and our future so bright.

Sounds like a Toga Party!

Ave to all of our beloved friends, Romans, and countrymen,

Tatiana and I invite you to our home to welcome the New Year at Rome 's annual and traditional Toga Party. This traditional party has long been called our celebration of our traditions. But it is more than that. It is our way of honoring our bonds, our chance to celebrate our cherished friendships and the times we share. This will be our only party in 2009, we intend for it to be through the roof. This year has represented for us some special and prodigious victories in our personal lives. A dream job for me, the birth of our son, and a daughter on the way. But more than that, this year has seen Rome grow with great new Romans and the happy anticipation of increased strength to be measured next year in Legions.  Let’s gather together to celebrate the New Year, reminded of Rome ’s heart and strength, basking in the glow of each others’ friendships. Join us for our collective celebration of Rome .

The decade we leave behind has been a challenge for many great Romans and friends. But despite the many sorrows in or world, the 2000’s have been a defining and proud decade for us as a group, Rome’s greatest and grandest years to date. This New Years we will celebrate our countless triumphs and accomplishments, both on the field and in our personal lives. Beyond our shared friendships and experiences, we all have much to be thankful for. Rome has grown, and our families have grown. We have new children and even grandchildren in our collective folds, making our futures shine even brighter. Many of us have enjoyed singularly successful achievements throughout this year, or have paved our way to next year’s grand accomplishments in the form of marriages, freedom, and career advancement. 2015 has been a year to remember for us all, a sometimes bumpy ride to our respective shining prizes. Let’s reflect together, celebrating our successes and growth, sharing our good times as we turn together to face a shining and golden new decade.

We recognize that many of our invited guests have standing plans or are too distant and that the unfortunate geography which separates us will prevent you from attending. We are extending the invitation as always in the spirit of friendship to our many friends. I want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a splendid holiday season, and to assure you that we will lift our glasses to toast our absent and distant friends. I hope the New Year brings you happiness, and look forward to sharing that happiness at Ragnarok or Pennsic, or wherever our roads may cross. Please know we treasure your continued friendship.

Again this year, the party will be kid friendly until later hours. Tat and I will both have our firstborn in attendance, we hope that the Roman festivities will meet the needs of so many of you who’ve begun your own families. While the party is kid friendly, the villa is not child proof, nor will our progeny have the run of the house. But they’ll be made welcome and kept entertained, provided some adult supervision, and be put happily to be to dream sweet dreams of bloody Roman conquest while their parents happily toast the Pax Romana.

Happiest of Saturnalia holidays and warmest wishes to you all and to your families. May the holidays find you surrounded by worthy friends and family, basking deservedly in the warmth and happiness of hearth and home.

All of that said, please come help us build a New Year's Eve memory as eternal as Rome herself at our New Year's Eve Toga Party! We hope that you will attend to share the festivities.

See you at the party, dear friends, and Gods bless!

Roma Æternum! 
Dominus and Tatiana
Your grateful Imperator and his Lady


We did some research to find out when ancient Romans historically held their New Year's Eve Parties. Click here for the answer!



(Historically traditional house rules, rapidly becoming outdated because we're all civilized grownups [when anyone is watching]!)

  1. Have FUN! - NO DRAMA, NO MELODRAMA, NO PSYCHODRAMAS!!! From anyone! We will not have your frown ruining our party pictures! If we even suspect that you are not having fun, you will be violently escorted from the premises by Dominus' dedicatedly sadistic Praetorian Guards and exiled to a tiny and remote island where you will suck bird droppings from shells for the remainder of your miserable days.
  2. DO NOT get sick or spill drinks on our new floor!!! If you're too wasted to maintain, return home and ruin your own villa. If you do see someone spilling drinks, you are at liberty to crucify them. We supply complimentary hammer and nails, but keep the blood in the backyard out of consideration for my already overworked slaves.
  3. Bring your own togas. We have extras, but they’re not the right fashion statement and we should all dress to oppress. Togas are optional! The theme is not.
  4. If you don't want to wear a toga, you fall into the loser category. But just don't show up in Celtic tribal wear either, or you will be sold as galley slaves! Cheaply! Go with the theme, civites, that's what makes the party fun!  (Clarification for our fellow medieval combat enthusiasts - this is a Toga Party, NOT a costume party.) Purple is reserved for deserving Romans citizens only.
  5. This is a policy change from previous parties - ours will henceforth be kid-friendly! No really! There will be no "I love kids (medium rare!)" There will be no catapult practice! You know you're getting old when a party at the Villa Dominus is kid friendly! The house is not kid proof however - if you bring kids, please provide some supervision! 
  6. The party's downstairs! Restrict your activities to the designated party areas unless specifically invited elsewhere by the Imperator or his designated agents.
  7. Guests, please be civil and tasteful with regard to your hosts and the theme. This party is for your beloved, domineering Roman Overlords. If you piss off a Roman, you may be asked to leave. If it's your first offense, you might get let off with crucifixion…
  8. Police your cigarette butts, bottles, and cans. You're not in the Subura anymore, you filthy barbarians! Don't treat this like your home, treat it like MY home! And please keep smoking outside, Vesuvius.
  9. If you need crash space, you can probably have it if you make arrangements well in advance. But please bring your own pillow and blanket. Do not fall asleep on couches either, or you may be rolled off on to the floor in favor of guests who are still awake!


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Note to non-Romans: if you do not have your Roman Decoder Ring, click here for directions.

  • Directions from the CCCCVC Imperial Beltway are as follows: 
  • Take Route L (50; Arlington Blvd.) East from CCCCVC. 
  • At VII Corners, Take Route VII (Leesburg Pilum) East Towards Alexandria.
  • At the fourth light, turn Right on the Via Nevius.  (Sign may still be twisted to read Leesburg Pilum)
  • Take your first right on Wilkins Drive. 
  • The glamorously opulent, fabulously luxurious Imperatorial Palace is at 3327 Wilkins Drive, and it will be on the left. Enter through the Bacchanalian Temple door.
  • Directions from DC and all points south: 
  • Follow CCCVC to Route VII (Via Rex). 
  • Take the Via Rex west from CCCVC.
  • Go through Bailey's Crossroads. After Culmore Forum on the left, take a left on the Via Nevius at the second light. 
  • Take your first right on Wilkins Drive. 
  • The glamorously opulent, fabulously luxurious Imperatorial Palace is at 3327 Wilkins Drive, and it will be on the left. Enter through the Bacchanalian Temple door.



This is a party sponsored by and for the Senate and People of Rome and their invited guests! If you have not been invited, write to a Roman and make sure it's okay. If you're a friend of Rome you're certainly welcome, provided you know how to behave in the Villa Dominus. Stumbling on to this page does NOT qualify as an invitation.

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Answer: Ancient Romans held their New Year's Eve parties ON New Year's Eve!  Duh!!!! 

Actually (i.e., the history geek answer) the historic Roman New Year was traditionally March 1. The beginning of spring. That gave the new Consuls of the year two weeks before the traditional campaign season began. Two weeks to muster and mobilize Legions and prepare to carry on that grand old martial tradition of war that made Rome such a hit among her neighbors. 



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