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New Year's Eve Toga Party 2005 - 2006!

Sarai's gift

House Deloricus

The Party

Dominus & Arthol

Legion VIII

Legion XIII

Sextus and Crispina

Arthol and CeeNedra

Heraklides and Yvonne

Brutus and Max


Tobias and Sarai

Demus and Stephanie

The Brothers Deloricii
New Year's Eve Toga Party 2004 - 2005!

Forming up for a photo op

Smiles, everyone, smiles!

Ave Rome!

To absent friends!

Tobias and Dominus, Consuls for Rome's Golden Age

Dominus: "All the reasons our party was better than yours." Or...

"We're dorks in Togas and we still have hotter chicks at our party than you."

Tarquinius DJ'ing

Pertinax & Angel

Sextus and Chris

Tobias & Sarai

Dominus & Tatyana

Drosylus and Demus


New Year's Eve Toga Party 2003 - 2004!

Rome2004.JPG (81613 bytes) Rome2004_1.jpg (132267 bytes) Rome2004_2.jpg (128576 bytes) Rome2004_5.JPG (119906 bytes)
Rome2004_6.JPG (81480 bytes) Rome2004_7.JPG (74043 bytes) Rome2004_3.jpg (122825 bytes) Rome2004_4.jpg (124222 bytes)
NewYears2004_2.JPG (110850 bytes) NewYears2004_3.jpg (131512 bytes) NewYears2004_1.jpg (145323 bytes) goddesses2004_5.jpg (77268 bytes)
goddesses2004!.JPG (81452 bytes)
Look at all this loveliness in one place! 

goddesses2004.JPG (83931 bytes)
Thank you, ladies, for gracing  our lives and for 

goddesses2004!!.JPG (110895 bytes)
decorating our party by the mere fact of your presence!

goddesses2004_1.jpg (97184 bytes)
2004_LegionII.jpg (55462 bytes)
Legion II
2004_LegionXIII.jpg (83795 bytes)
Legion XIII

New Year's Eve Toga Party 2002 - 2003!
Pictures courtesy of Crynolyn of Mordor, Leslie, Jayleen of Einherjar, & Tolgor of the Gesteguiste

03_rome.JPG (100443 bytes)
26 Romans!!!
raise the roof.JPG (66536 bytes)
Raise the roof!
03_rome_fun.JPG (97990 bytes)
03AveRome.JPG (83480 bytes)
Ave Rome!
03Baculus_Pertinax.JPG (25877 bytes)
Baculus and Pertinax
legionII_03b.JPG (58108 bytes)
Legion II
Geilherin&Crynolin.JPG (32256 bytes)
Geilherin & Crynolyn: 
making New Year's Eve glamorous
tobias_sarai.JPG (35289 bytes)
Tobias & Sarai
dom_speech.JPG (27127 bytes)
"2003 and Rome.
We're going to be 
goooood friends."
A&T_G&J copy.JPG (51432 bytes)
Alistair & Theresa, 
Gurrundi and Jung hi
03LadySin.JPG (26946 bytes)
Lady Sin, Geilherin
of Pinnath Gelin
legionII_03.JPG (55604 bytes)
Legion II
03party1.JPG (75802 bytes)

Party time, excellent!
We had about 100 guests at our 2002-2003 Toga Party. 
Thanks, everyone!

03party2.JPG (60564 bytes)

03party3.JPG (64911 bytes)

03party4.JPG (46788 bytes)

dom & guests.jpg (42933 bytes)
03pertinax_angel.JPG (34495 bytes)
Pertinax & Angel

ceremony02d.JPG (17738 bytes)
Gurrundi Pontifex Maximus performs his divination rites as
the "Flamen Citrus." 

JD.jpg (25959 bytes)
Crynolyn of Mordor
Mib.jpg (98958 bytes)
the Men in Black: Tolgor, Silk of Taurendor, Brother Henry and Savik
STTNA.jpg (49090 bytes)
Nari and Arioch with Sarai, Tobias, & Tiberius
drosylus.JPG (38393 bytes)
Nari with Drosylus
tolgor_nauri_banner.JPG (57988 bytes)
Tolgor and Nari
Koenar.JPG (38247 bytes)
of Wir Hassen Alles

New Year's Eve Toga Party 2001 - 2002!

Bringing in 2002 was far and away the best Toga Party Rome has had to date.  Unfortunately, we don't have many candid shots (i.e., incriminating evidence) from the party, but we went totally nuts (N-V-T-S) with group shots after the midnight bell tolled for thee.  (Not *that* kind of "group shots" you freaks!)  Thanks so much to everyone who attended.  Thank you all for adding to Rome and to Rome's event by the mere fact of your presence and your friendship. 

 If anyone has any pictures of the fun they'd like to add, please send them to Dominus

gravitas02.JPG (42777 bytes)
levitas02.JPG (47331 bytes)
warface02.JPG (47182 bytes)
War Faces
02_magistrates.JPG (47121 bytes)
gangsigns02.JPG (42831 bytes)
Gang Signs 
(Posed with Friends & Allies)
02brotherhenry.JPG (40172 bytes)
Brother Henry 
(Posed with Friends & Allies)
ladies02.JPG (46107 bytes)
Roman Ladies (As if anyone really preferred to see the Roman men! 
lovelitas02.JPG (47409 bytes)
And more loveliness! Thanks girls for adding so much beauty to the party! 
02_legionii.JPG (52535 bytes)
Legion II
  02_legionviii.JPG (47302 bytes)
Legion VIII
New Year's Eve Toga Party 2000 - 2001!
01Rome01.JPG (39331 bytes)
01Rome02.JPG (41771 bytes)
Warm & Fuzzy
01Rome03.JPG (32172 bytes)
Gang Signs
01Rome04.JPG (34065 bytes)

Ave Rome!!!

01Rome01.JPG (39331 bytes)
Group Shots
01partypic5.JPG (38742 bytes) Girlz2.jpg (50304 bytes) Tempest and Nay, Toga Party 2000 (21297 bytes)
Tempest & Nay
01partypic1.JPG (48680 bytes)
Party time, excellent!
We had over 130 guests at our 2000-2001 Toga Party. Thanks, everyone!
 01partypic4.JPG (45940 bytes) Drosylus01.jpg (28944 bytes)
Drosylus in charge:
 behind the bar
Brutilus01.jpg (38701 bytes)
Basilus Rutilus
01partypic2.JPG (45657 bytes) Praetorians.jpg (26449 bytes) girlz.jpg (36024 bytes)
"I wonder what the poor people are doing this year." -Dominus
tobias_chell.jpg (23021 bytes)
Tobias & Chell
TempestFC.jpg (20533 bytes)
Tempest holds the auspices as Flamen Citrus. 
Vir01.jpg (30034 bytes)
Lucius Sergius Vir
01partypic3.jpg (35259 bytes)
Brutilus, Drosylus, Pendin & Tempest

Kyrax01.jpg (43445 bytes)

Honored Guests: Kyrax & Cutter (above) and Graymael (right)

  Ernathe01.jpg (21137 bytes)
Rome's third Provincial, 
Ernathe Furio from New York!
TitusAtlius01.jpg (27791 bytes)
Titus Atlius Marvinius, 
all the way from Florida!

Graymael01.jpg (38898 bytes)

Historical Pictures 

(Granted, it's a little redundant to use the word 
"historical" when you're talking about Rome!)

RPFCD&D (16036 bytes)
Tempest, the Official Roman Poster Child for Decadence and Debauchery

Y2K 1998 1997 & 1996 MISCELLANEOUS
Tobias00.JPG (13497 bytes) Toga99.jpg (50679 bytes)
All the Romans still standing at 2:00am.
Throwing Rag XIII should be easy... what do you think Harn...?
Consul in 97-98
bound99.jpg (44439 bytes)
Romans at Bound Orpheus for the 1999 Ides of March Toga Party
Party Time, Excellent! Rome's Magistracy for New Years 98-99
Rome's Magistracy for 98-99
Gurrundi performing the sacred rites of the Flamen Citrus
Gurrundi Pontifex Maximus performs his divination rites as 
the "Flamen Citrus." 
Gurrundi and the Fishies
Gurrundi having way too much fun.
Toga99_2.jpg (94599 bytes)
Toga Party 98-99
Has anyone seen my dignitas? I had it when I came in!
Rome's glamorous ladies

Pinata98.jpg (38064 bytes)
Carradonicus' victim: a Piņata 

Social01.jpg (54031 bytes)
Shadow caught a 
fish this big! 
Social03.jpg (23127 bytes)
Gurrundi doing his best statue imitation
Temp2@98.jpg (14376 bytes)
Tempest demonstrates his high-tech but cheesy one piece clip-on toga
Flamen98.jpg (22383 bytes)