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"You ever heard of Masada? For two years, 900 Jews held their own against 15,000 Roman soldiers. They chose death before enslavement. And the Romans, where are they now?"

"You're lookin' at ‘em, @$$hole."

-Tony Soprano,  HBO's The Sopranos, Season 1, Episode 3: Denial, Anger, Acceptance

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day_at_the_races.JPG (119789 bytes)

Left: Roman Aedile Event, "A Day at the Races!"
Romans seen here with 1st Place
Jockey who
won the race in our honor

D-DAY: We came. We saw. They hid.

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"The Biggest and Best Ragnarok Ever!"
Special thanks to Zagref of the Northlands Militia, Bede of Anvard, and Crynolyn of Mordor for your much-appreciated contributions. Very special thanks also to Angel, Melanie and Tatyana of Rome! More pictures are on the way!



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XVIII_Rome_Tuesday.JPG (162326 bytes) XVIII_Rome_Wednesday.jpg (182807 bytes) XVIII_everyone.JPG (413620 bytes)
(Big picture)
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XVIII_Pontius_Tobias.jpg (52257 bytes) XVIII_Rome_Friday.jpg (79408 bytes) XVIII_gameplan.JPG (85121 bytes) XVIII_lineup.jpg (73962 bytes) XVIII_lineup_1.jpg (88465 bytes)
XVIII_IV.jpg (106961 bytes)  XVIII_Sven_Heraklides.jpg (82956 bytes)  Dominus_Avernus.jpg (135067 bytes)


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Thanks Dagorhir, for helping us make Rag XVIII the "biggest and best Ragnarok ever!" 
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XVIII_battleline!.jpg (120964 bytes) XVIII_battleline!a.jpg (82966 bytes) XVIII_battleline!b.jpg (75124 bytes) XVIII_battleline2a.jpg (70233 bytes) XVIII_battleline2b.jpg (93485 bytes)
XVIII_zagref_544_Nargothrond.jpg (74355 bytes) XVIII_mopping2.jpg (94379 bytes) XVIII_Icebreaker.jpg (65942 bytes) XVIII_Praet_vs_DA.jpg (83658 bytes) XVIII_shotgun.jpg (40572 bytes)
XVIII_zagref_599_Nargothrond.jpg (53610 bytes) graymael_xviii.jpg (45109 bytes) XVIII_zagref_888.jpg (81687 bytes) XVIII_Rome_on_the_move.jpg (179117 bytes)
Rome on the move
(Big Picture!)
XVIII_Romans.jpg (70665 bytes)
GladdenFields_GTGoffensive1.jpg (82300 bytes) GladdenFields_GTGoffensive2.jpg (76201 bytes) GladdenFields_GTGoffensive3.jpg (82267 bytes) GladdenFields_GTGoffensive2a.jpg (134119 bytes) GladdenFields_Romeattacks.jpg (45292 bytes)
GladdenFields_Romeattacks0.JPG (86013 bytes) GladdenFields_Romeattacks1.JPG (114052 bytes) GladdenFields_Romeattacks2.jpg (124138 bytes) GladdenFields_Romeattacks3.JPG (99333 bytes) XVIII_Monday2.jpg (93720 bytes)

SuddenFlame_AratariDefend.jpg (45409 bytes)

SuddenFlame_AratariDefend1.jpg (75683 bytes) SuddenFlame_AratariDefend2.jpg (60213 bytes) SuddenFlame_AratariOffensive1.jpg (57060 bytes) SuddenFlame_AratariOffensive2.jpg (84555 bytes) SuddenFlame_AratariOffensive3.jpg (87425 bytes)
 dominus_xviii.jpg (44215 bytes) XVIII_zagref_853.jpg (17350 bytes) Crucifixions.jpg (88834 bytes) XVIII_Slave_Auction2.jpg (473189 bytes) XVIII_slave_auction.jpg (95617 bytes)

XVIII_uruk-hai.JPG (86949 bytes)
The Fighting Uruk-Hai! 
 Caluk.jpg (34574 bytes)  Drosyluk.jpg (35503 bytes) XVIII_Dom_Tat.jpg (78525 bytes) XVIII_Dom_Tat2.jpg (49658 bytes)
Boom2.jpg (36110 bytes)
Smoke Bombs for the Hornburg
Roman Uruk-hai;
Dagorhir Halloween Battle 2003
 Alistorc.jpg (26203 bytes)  RagAdmin1.jpg (66405 bytes)  

May 3, 2003: Setting up the Gurrundinium. 

How's this for looking good?

gurrundinium_iwojima.jpg (45880 bytes)
Erecting the Gurrundinium.
gurrundis_inspection.jpg (64223 bytes) gurrundinium.jpg (66053 bytes)
The Team!
Left: Gurrundi's Inspection
04-12-03grim.JPG (117983 bytes) 04-12-03happy.JPG (119033 bytes) 04-12-03fun.jpg (106839 bytes) 04-12-03left.jpg (157699 bytes) 04-12-03right.jpg (123604 bytes)
03-22-03glow.JPG (63706 bytes) 03-22-03at_ease.jpg (48020 bytes) 03-22-03ford.jpg (44061 bytes) 03-22-03a.jpg (54670 bytes)
Adelphi Mill.jpg (19766 bytes)
outside adelphi.JPG (49966 bytes)
Outside the Mill
Nedryk&Brutus.jpg (24397 bytes)
Nedryk & Brutus
Vir2003Feast.jpg (20579 bytes)
Lucius Sergius Vir
Romans laughingS.jpg (35994 bytes)
Romans Laughing
2.22.03_dominus_alistair.jpg (26201 bytes)
Dominus with Alistair, victor in  Blue Sword, Rome's new Plebeian Tribune and Chapter leader of Dagorhir Tartarus
Gurrundi Dominus table.JPG (46629 bytes)
Gurrundi & Dominus

Gurrundi's Entrance.jpg (31555 bytes)
Heralding Gurrundi Pontifex Maximus, who won the green weapon tourney with a dagger!

Romans not laughingS.jpg (36674 bytes)
Romans Not Laughing

patrician_noses.JPG (51317 bytes)
Patrician Noses

Brutilus&Gesteguiste.jpg (53195 bytes)
Brutilus and the Gesteguiste

Birthday cake & me.jpg (42093 bytes)
Crynolyn of Mordor: Birthday Girl

Romans2003Feast.JPG (76000 bytes)
Waiting to be Announced

Pertinax2003feast.jpg (16411 bytes)
Pertinax Drusus, Rome's new Aedile

Special thanks to Crynolyn of Mordor for her many kind contributions to our site

candlelight dinner.jpg (16634 bytes)
Candlelight dinner
Romans2003Feastb.jpg (18805 bytes)  
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