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ROMAN BATTLE Pictures, 2009

"O happy friends! for, if my verse can give 
Immortal life, your fame shall ever live, 
Fix'd as the Capitol's foundation lies, 
And spread, where'er the Roman eagle flies!

-Publius Virgilius Maro
The Aeneid, Book IX

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SCA's Pennsic XXXVIII - August 2009 
(More pictures to come!)

Romecamp Pennsic 38_1.JPG (76047 bytes)
18 Romans fielding
Romecamp Pennsic 38_08.JPG (121483 bytes)

at Pennsic 38

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5209_134723926978_534091978_3156853_6001277_n.jpg (43465 bytes) Romecamp Pennsic 38_3.JPG (84693 bytes) Romecamp Pennsic 38_05.JPG (85810 bytes) Romecamp Pennsic 38_11.jpg (48749 bytes)

Romecamp Pennsic 38_06.JPG (88009 bytes)
Best bruises Arria and Lucius!

Romecamp Pennsic 38_10.JPG (55804 bytes)
Rome's newest

Romecamp Pennsic 38_12.JPG (64851 bytes)

Romecamp Pennsic 38_07.JPG (30297 bytes)
Decimus walking into the sunset.

SCA's Defending the Gates VIII - March 28, 2009

Rome at Defending the Gates 1.JPG (70925 bytes) Rome at Defending the Gates 2.JPG (75260 bytes) Rome at Defending the Gates 3.JPG (73883 bytes) Rome at Defending the Gates 4.JPG (103169 bytes) Rome at Defending the Gates 5.JPG (111221 bytes)
Rome at Defending the Gates 6.JPG (95441 bytes) Rome at Defending the Gates 7.JPG (106147 bytes) Rome at Defending the Gates 8.JPG (103147 bytes) Rome at Defending the Gates 9.JPG (102714 bytes) Three legions fight their way to victory at our first SCA battle of 2009

Dagorhir's Gates of FIre III  - April 25, 2009

Mighty Rome, 38 Strong at Gates of Fire! (Ave Wolves!) 

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