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Roman, remember that you shall rule the nations by your authority, for this is to be your skill, to make peace the custom, to spare the conquered, and to wage war until the haughty are brought low. 
            -Publius Virgilius Maro (70-19 BC), Roman poet. Anchises, in Aeneid, book. VI

These are OLD battle pictures.  For a recent list go to our Art Gallery

Ragnarok XIV, 1999

Crucifixion.JPG (36169 bytes)
Crucifixion Parties
always a crowd pleaser. This poor guy, what a good sport! The crowd of drunken barbarians was supposed to count to XXX in Roman numerals. We had to start over VIII times. 

RagXIV_2.JPG (75779 bytes)
3) It's about how many you can take with you.

Battle.JPG (65292 bytes)
Aristodemus Deloricus Desponius tears into the fray at Ragnarok XIV
BattleLineXIV copy.JPG (30064 bytes)
Rome forming a line of battle
BigRome1.jpg (57509 bytes)
Rome's battle-weary vets after the Ragnarok XIV Field battles.
Imperator.jpg (100394 bytes) RagXIV.JPG (32889 bytes)
The enemy army ten to twenty deep against our thin line.
RagXIV_1.JPG (43452 bytes)
2) It's not about winning. 

DownTime.JPG (62211 bytes)

RagXIV_Fort.JPG (51841 bytes)
Attacking the fort
RAG14fort2.JPG (36198 bytes)
Defending the Fort
D&gxiv.jpg (52201 bytes)
Dominus & Gurrundi, 
Ragnarok XIV
J98b.jpg (101952 bytes)
Rome takes the field 1/1/98
Group.JPG (39364 bytes)
Rome’s mighty Legions pose to immortalize the moment on film after a glorious day of conquests, 1998
ragt&a.jpg (33946 bytes)
Count Tobias Deloricus Desponius at Rag XIII 6/25/1998.
Games.JPG (61583 bytes)
Consuls officiate at the Ragnarok XIII Roman Games 6/24/1998

 Legion2.JPG (27170 bytes)
Legion II

House Tempest

ragcamp.jpg (24762 bytes)
Aristodemus Deloricus Desponius surveys the damage to our Ragnarok XIII camp after a week of constant decadence, debauchery, depravity and deluge. 

Pertinax Drusus
J98dros1.jpg (121964 bytes)
Drosylus Furtumius Trel preparing for battle.
J98titu1.jpg (79411 bytes)
Titus Atlius Marvinius of Legion II. Titus, call home!
J98drac1.jpg (126534 bytes)
Draco of Legion IV

If you see this man, write Dominus
r12mass1.jpg (46918 bytes)
Ragnarok XII

Invading BWC:
Paybacks are hell

Rome at Rag XII

Pendin butchers a hapless Keldar amidst Rome's invincible onslaught
J98e.JPG (46478 bytes)
Pendin & Gurrundi
Praetorians.JPG (38283 bytes)
The Praetorian Guard
mosh.jpg (29074 bytes)
Under the Roman Boot. Who’s your daddy?

The day of 3 Centurions

1996: RAGNAROK xi & More

Rome moving up the field; Demus, Tobias, Strix & Dominus

Flanked by Numenoreans

...who we decimated

Dominus and Tobias killed Shadow to win the field battle for Aratari.

Dominus and company at Ragnarok XI
J98dom1.JPG (31305 bytes)
Dominus Imperator
J98tobi1.JPG (24332 bytes) Left: Tobias Deloricus Desponius, Count of Legion II is one of Rome's greatest commanders. A veteran of countless battles, he prepares to order his Legion into the fray at a decisive moment.
cardbrd2.jpg (22577 bytes)
Cardboard Shield Battle, 
Kudos to Draco and Gaius for all the work.

j98c.jpg (59081 bytes)
The battle line forming up to inflict our first massacre on a glorious day
Cardboard2.jpg (28601 bytes)
Cardboard Shield Battles
Cardboard3.jpg (36545 bytes)

 1990 - 1995

rome1991.jpg (47177 bytes)
 1991! Rome's team at Roundtree! Tarquinius and Akirr, two of Rome's first Legion Commanders, are at bottom center.

Dominus & Baculus at Ragnarok VII in 1992

Drusilla, Dominus,
& Baculus
Lingonore, 1992
RMGMS22.gif (117127 bytes)

 1992 Dagorhir Althyng:
Dominus and Owen
RMGMS24.gif (125643 bytes)

of Gwynedd in the
ug&dom4.jpg (24442 bytes)

Gladiator Pit
RMGMS39.gif (115490 bytes)

  Dominus Wins!!!
ANCIENT ROME (Rome in the pre-1990s)  




Ragnarok III: Dominus & the...

...Aratari Dream Team - 1988
Rome's first battle:
July 31, 1987
Althyng II at Patapsco State Park
1987rome02.jpg (69785 bytes)
1987rome04b.jpg (37920 bytes)
Rome's first banner.
1987rome01.jpg (56766 bytes)


ray87.jpg (7701 bytes)
Icarus, 1987
wulfhere88.jpg (19810 bytes)
Wulfhere, 1988

guild85.jpg (14380 bytes)
Rome's predecessor, the Collegium Malorum Palcorum
Guild of the Corrupt Few 1985

tarquin87.jpg (15751 bytes)
Lazarus Tarquinius, first Legatus of Legion II, 1987
akirr86.jpg (11520 bytes)
Gaius Akirr, first Legatus of Legion IV, 1986
legionIV_86.jpg (11198 bytes)
Legion IV, 1986

Dominus & Shaitan 1987

Guild 1987
Just before Rome
Ragnarok II Bridge Battle Pictures

Dagorhir's first Dragon, Ragnarok II

Ragnarok II
Dominus versus the Axeman!

Dominus & the Guild at Ragnarok II