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Our tactical units are called ďLegions.Ē Each Legion is composed of five Romans. No Commander may have more than one Legion under his/her personal command. This gives other Romans an opportunity to reach the command ranks. If your Legion becomes over strength, get a client or member of your household to recruit a few more Romans and help him/her start a new Legion.

In order to create a Legion and assume the exalted rank of a Legion Commander, a Senator or Centurion must first recruit four additional members for their five-man squad. Each of these squads will be referred to as a Legion (which sounds far more glorious than "squad"). The commanderís rank is a measure of his/her political status and combat ability, combined with the sheer power of his/her Legion. The commander is responsible for seeing to it that his Romans attend a bare minimum of 1 battle every 4 weekends just to maintain active status. A Legion is defined as five active citizens and/or probatii.

Also, the commander must:

Frank Frazetta's "Seven Romans"

  • Choose a name and number for your Legion (consult history books if authenticity is a concern).
  • Create a Legion banner (Signum).
  • Attend at least 20 medieval events annually.
  • Own and wear torso armor.
  • Submit Legionís attendance to Dominus or the Quaestor in writing at every battle for records.

A Legion is commanded by a Tribune, Legate, Count or Duke. His second in command is the Primus Pilus. This office should be filled by either a Centurion or the highest ranking officer available. The remaining three I shall refer to generically as Legionaries. In a crack legion, all three may be Centurions. However, for our purposes here they shall be termed Legionaries. It is the responsibility of these Legionaries to keep up with their Commander. It is the Primus Pilus' responsibility to see to it that the Legionaries do remain with their Commander. It is the Legion Commander's responsibility to see to it that the Legion's task or military objective is accomplished. Whether this consists of building a fort wall, scouting, guarding, or leading a complex feint (fake-out) against an enemy flank, it is the commander's responsibility to see that it is accomplished.

Since no Roman begins as either a Senator or a Centurion, an Auxiliary who acquires citizenship and brings in four other citizens will have to form a Legion temporarily under a Senator or Centurion.

If a Legion fails to keep at least four active members on its rosters for a period of eight consecutive weeks the Legion will lose its active status. The Legion number will be retired until the Legion commander can reform his Legion. The Legion commander retains full rights to his Legion number, and may give permission for another Legion commander to take up his old Legion number. Also, all honors and awards will remain with the Legion in question.

Romans do not play dirty with each other, so weíve established a certain Legion building etiquette. For instance, itís considered proper form to fill your position before requesting a transfer from a Legion. Moreover, if a Senator is recruiting his friends into an existing Legion, he or she should request permission from his commander immediately if he intends to branch off into a Legion of his own. Expansion is good; we donít back-stab our countrymen. If you can recruit but feel too inexperienced for a command position, get with a Centurion and form a Legion under him. If you don't have the time or experience, you won't be effective. Make a deal with someone who does have the time and experience. Either command or be second-in-command of the Legion you have assembled. But if you do help someone else rise to command, don't bide your time until you feel inspired to displace them. Poor treatment of your commander dishonors Rome. If you are unhappy in a Legion, arrange (with your Commander's permission) for a transfer. You may be able to arrange a trade between Legions that will satisfy both Commanders. Lastly, Rome will NOT be a nice, comfortable place to assemble your own unit as a Legion before breaking off on your own. So make your decisions. This structure is designed to maintain Rome's strength and provide us a militaristic image to intimidate our opponents. Don't take advantage of it. That weakens Rome and incurs the displeasure of the Imperator.

On the other hand - if you want to start your own fighting unit independently of Rome, we welcome allies. We'll be happy to lend you any advice or assistance we can provide.

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