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A Tribune is a Legion commander who is either of Centurion rank or Senatorial status. This is the initial rank that most Legion commanders will assume upon ascending to Rome's high command. Some Senatorial Tribunes should remember that a Centurion may have more field experience than themselves and should listen to the Centurions' advice. As a sign of rank, a Tribune must wear a red cape with purple borders as his regalia.

To the right: 

The Tribune Pendin Tempest Siamicus, as he steps down from his command of Legion V at Saturnalia in 1999. I commend Pendin, and not just for the reasons he stepped down . I commend him for a brilliant stint at Legion Command. It's a LOT of work. Those of you who haven't done it would not understand. It means that you have to work constantly, keeping four other men equipped and on the field. It means early morning phone calls, coordinating transportation, regular armor and weapons making sessions. It means keeping your Legion in weapons that you've made, only to have them broken. And despite what courtesy requires, you often have to make repairs yourself. It is constant and thankless work.  (I should mention that Pendin has long since achieved the Centurionate. He was a Senatorial Tribune. Now he'd be a Legate.)

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On the other hand, you are part of what makes Rome great. You are rewarded with the right to be a part of Rome's command structure. That's stressful too. Stressful because it falls on you to pick up the pieces when disaster occurs. When the Imperator and half the command structure have fallen, and it's up to you to hold things together and try to win with half the army. And to make matters worse, all your dead fellow commanders are laying there watching to see what you do. Legion Command is NOT for everyone. It's being a player and a coach all at the same time. Pendin, you did all of the above with a graceful and competent ease for two years. I congratulate you for your efforts. And I thank you for contributing so much to Rome's greatness. As I said that Saturnalia, the most important thing for anyone in or with Rome is that we find ways to derive meaningful enjoyment from your association with us. This means that it has to be fun for you, and that you find a niche that keeps it fun. Ave Pendin!


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