Do you want to BE a Roman Gladiator? Legionary? Centurion? General? Senator? We've been living your dream for years! Be the Hero! Live the Dream.

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So, you want to be a Roman? 
We don't blame you a bit.  It's a shared dream of ours, one that we fulfill together almost every weekend.  Rome is a grand tradition. And it's a dream we're happy to share with those who share our interest, dedication, and enthusiasm. Rome is more than a hobby for us, it's a way of life. Everything Roman is reflected not just in the way we fight and conquer, but in the way we work and play, and in the way we conduct our lives. Being a Roman is too much fun. So we're naturally a little particular about who we share that fun with. We're very proud of our achievements, and of the lasting reputation we've built in the years since 1987. We're well established. But we're starting something new.

Rome is the SCA's newest premier combat household. Geographically we are Atlantia-based, but our membership is expanding to include chapters in other Kingdoms within the Society for Creative Anachronism. Our method of internal government is based on the Roman Republic. We have enjoyed immense success in SCA combat already, committed to emulating the weaponry, armor and tactics of Rome's mighty Legions. We invite new membership. If you attended Pennsic XXIX, you saw us fighting in the Tuchux vanguard, where we earned immortal glory. At Pennsic XXX we will earn even greater glory in Rome's name. Whether your interests lie in joining us as a citizen of Rome, or just fighting with us at Pennsic within the informal SCA Roman confederation we are creating, please contact us. We welcome all who share our interests in the glory and majesty that was (and is) Rome. 
Detailed below are the various requirements for 
and Associates 
as detailed in Rome's Mos Maiorum, our Guidelines and Structure. We invite you to read on....

To enlist in our glorious Roman Legions as a full Roman Citizen, you must:

  1. Fill out the Roman Citizen Data Sheet provided to you at your first event.
  2. Attend at least six months of battles as a Petitioning Auxiliary (Probati) or at least two Wars as a Provincial
  3. Take and follow the military oath (Sacramentum)
  4. Agree to and sign the Roman Contract of Citizenship (This does not apply to citizens from the Provinces).
  5. Own and wear a red tunic (see Costuming). This does not apply to Legion Commanders.
  6. Paint the Roman shield symbol on your shield if/when you have one .
  7. Understand and adhere to the laws set down by the Senate and People of Rome (see Leges Romana).
  8. Find a Legion Commander willing to accept you into his Legion.

Roman military service is a long-term commitment. Rome has a lot to offer a new recruit. Rome is the best unit you will ever have the privilege to join. But understand that your wish to join must be more for Rome's greater glory than for your own. Referring to the first martial law of the Lex Romana: Rome will not be taken advantage of.

To become a private Citizen of the Roman Empire, you must:

  1. Fill out the Roman Citizen Data Sheet provided to you at your first event.
  2. Sign up as a Provincial and attend at least a year of battles as a local noncombatant or at least four Wars as a contributing Provincial. 
  3. Understand and adhere to the civil laws set down by the Senate and People of Rome (see Leges Romana).
  4. Own a Roman costume and wear it at any events you attend in your non-combatant capacity.

Civilians have no need for, or access to, Roman military secrets. Neither are they bound by Roman martial laws. As of this printing, the Senate is as yet undecided as to whether a private citizen may vote or run in an election their social status allows. Our focus is obviously military, but a civilian can contribute significantly to Rome and will earn recognition for their contributions, paving the way for future civilians.

We’ve often met fighters with Roman personas and armor at Pennsic and other wars we attend. We welcome them openly as temporary and honorary Romans. That's what an associate is. We welcome Roman units and individuals to fight with us on a temporary basis at larger battles. The more the merrier. Rome is already a viable army, even by SCA standards. At Pennsic XXIX, for instance, we invited lone fighters with Roman personas to fight in our ranks. The response is always an enthusiastically surprised, "Really? Can I?" If you have a Roman persona or equipment, consider yourself invited to fight under the Eagles among our iron-clad ranks as an associate. We all want to be part of something greater, and what could be greater than Rome?

Associates are confederates, and our arrangement is informal. Our mutual interest in Rome is all that binds us. Associates do not necessarily owe us allegiance. Associates have no binding commitment to Rome, nor are they required to obey Rome’s Laws off the field. We only require that they adhere to our standards of honor and sportsmanship while fighting in our ranks. An associate is essentially an unofficial auxiliary. This level of participation provides them an opportunity to evaluate us and decide whether or not Rome is for them. It further provides an opportunity for Rome to make a determination as to whether the associate would make a welcome addition, should they choose to enlist in our Legions on a more permanent basis. We don't expect a citizen’s level of commitment from associates who fight in our ranks. We expect serious commitment from our citizens. We expect Romans citizens to follow the rules that make us great. We expect them to camp with us, muster in the morning with us, pay their dues, and contribute in a positive way to our organization as a whole. This kind of commitment isn't for everyone. But for some people it is the best decision they could make...

With the considerable fame Rome has enjoyed since Pennsic XXIX, we’ve had a great number of people express interest in being a part of what Rome is. Some SCA Kingdoms do not welcome Roman personas with open arms, despite the specific reference to Roman personas in SCA’s official document, “Scope of the Society: Period and Culture.” Rome does welcome you. Numerous SCA Households span multiple kingdoms, including the Dark Horde and our allies the Tuchux. Rome is expanding to become a national organization, and you are invited! Geographical distance should not be an impediment. Rome will not relax our time-honored standards for the enfranchisement of local citizenry, but we have put great consideration into offering alternatives for those of you who live so far away. We’ve also devised ways for our truly dedicated Roman brothers to be awarded with our coveted full Roman citizenship, by introducing the "Provincial." 

Rome is great. We want her to be even greater. And we want to share that greatness with people who will add to it. The Mos Maiorum article, "On the Characteristics of a Good Citizen," clearly outlines our expectations. Rome has built a lasting national reputation in various foam-fighting groups. For the sake of providing background, we’ve met a lot of people from other states who’ve expressed interested in joining Rome. Not knowing them well, we've always been genuinely concerned as to whether they’d represent us well, and preserve the reputation we've fought so hard to achieve. So quality control has been our major concern. This is far less a concern in the SCA. Different Kingdoms have varying standards of what constitutes a legal shot, and referees enforce those standards. Don’t infer that we are inherently distrustful of strangers, but medievalism does draw all types. So understand we've been doing this for years and take great pride in it. Being the best demands that we only accept the best, the most serious, and the most committed. When a petitioning auxiliary (Probatii) fights regularly in the Legions for six months, we get to know them well. We have an opportunity to evaluate their ability, attitude, and dedication. We observe their efforts in assembling their equipment, costuming, and weapons. We observe their efforts in attending events in good weather and bad, twice a month. An auxiliary who is petitioning for full citizenship must prove themselves to every active Roman before the Imperator will extend an offer of citizenship. So too must everyone prove themselves. Otherwise we degrade the value of Roman citizenship and insult the efforts of the Probatii who’ve fought hard to earn it. Many interested people cannot attend battles with us due to the restrictions of remote location or lack of interest in fighting. So Rome’s Senate has approved alternative methods of proving oneself worthy of Rome’s coveted citizenship through peripheral membership as a Provincial.

Provincials are Roman affiliates who either live too distant from Rome (Washington, DC) to participate in local Roman events, or live locally but are not interested fighting with Rome’s Legions. Status as a Provincial is a way to be involved in Rome, even peripherally. Being a Provincial means contributing to Rome’s success at our major wars, or from the sidelines. A Provincial is a booster, a sponsor, and a committed ally. Being a Provincial affords certain rights and recognition under Roman law. For those who live too distant to fight with us regularly, Provincial status represents the road to attaining full Roman citizenship.

A Roman Provincial may/will:

  • Be considered a contributing member of the SCA Household, Rome;
  • Fight with Rome at any battles or Wars we attend, though they are not obligated to;
  • Camp with Rome’s Legions at Wars we attend, though they are not required to;
  • Receive a high-profile link and endorsement on Rome’s website, which receives an average of 400 hits per week;
  • Receive a hard copy of the Mos Maiorum and all subsequent updates;
  • Receive our quarterly Newsletter, detailing Roman-related events and highlights, providing war registration information, and recognizing the efforts and contributions of Provincials and citizens throughout the empire;
  • Receive reasonable assistance, guidance and/or reference materials constructing weapons, armor, and equipment, or in finding local medieval combat societies, Roman reenactment groups, and live-action role-playing games;
  • Be entitled to use and reproduce all copyrighted written Roman materials, provided credits, reference, and contact information are included.

To become a Roman Provincial, fill out your Roman Data Sheet and mail it in with $20.00 annual membership fee. This administrative fee entitles you to numerous rights and privileges. For the time being (until we arrange a P.O. Box and bank account), please mail your Roman Data Sheet and a check for $20.00 to:

Sean M. Richey
3327 Wilkins Drive
Falls Church, VA 22041

You may also pay your annual membership electronically to using the PayPal online service. Active soldiers in the home Legions pay our Treasury $60/annum in dues, so a Provincial's annual dues are comparatively negligible. The cost pays for postage and printing costs, and Rome makes no real profit from her Provinces. No financial profit. We do profit by sharing the dream of Rome, and building a grander dream together. A few years from now, there will be hundreds of us in the SCA. We're up-and-coming, and we're excited to have you be a part of Rome. We're excited to hear from you. Naturally you're excited too. If you're anything like us, you've dreamed about this sort of thing your entire life. We want you to live the dream too.

(Inactive Roman citizens, you are also encouraged to register as Provincials. This ensures that you will be kept in the loop, and that you will receive Rome’s regular mailers and periodicals. This in no way adversely affects your lifetime status as a citizen of Rome. On the contrary, it helps guarantee that Rome’s new citizens recognize you for your many past contributions to Rome’s greatness.)

Unlike a full citizen, a Provincial may have allegiances outside Rome, and is not obligated to us beyond their association with us as a Provincial. But as a Roman affiliate, every Provincial is expected to represent Rome well. This means upholding our reputation for honor and sportsmanship, and adhering to the laws that make Rome great. Your continued status as a Provincial is contingent upon your conducting yourself admirably, and conducting yourself according to the spirit of Rome’s sacred laws.

Rome attends two major Wars every year. One is the SCA’s "Pennsic," held every August in Pennsylvania. The other is Dagorhir’s "Ragnarok," held every June in Ohio. Provincials will receive all the necessary registration information through Roman newsletters. By attending these events, camping with Rome’s Legions and/or fighting under Rome’s Eagles, a Provincial may earn the right to rise in status and achieve the full Roman citizenship for their time, contributions, and effort. Please be reminded that Rome’s purpose lies in our ancient martial tradition of war! When Rome’s Legions camp, it is a necessity brought about by our participation in a war. Everyone sharing space in Rome’s camp is expected to contribute to the war effort, whether they are fighting or not. We recognize that your time is a vacation of sorts, and none of us expect slave labor from our much-appreciated Provincials. But understand that anyone who is not helping the war effort is hindering it, and that hindering it will never earn you citizenship. By attending and contributing positively at our respective wars, a Provincial will rise in status accordingly (see below), and ultimately earn full Roman citizenship, with all the privileges and amenities to which this entitles them. The titles below represent a formal acknowledgement of a Provincial’s tenure as a Roman affiliate, and of Rome’s appreciation for their time and camaraderie. Note that fighting in the Legions is not the only way for a Provincial to move up. There are other ways to demonstrate exemplary service on Rome’s behalf. Exemplary service may take numerous forms, including recruitment, building walls or new Legions, establishing new contacts or alliances, managing feasts, parties, etc. Rome’s greatness is the culmination of our combined efforts on her behalf, and great efforts should be recognized.

  • PROVINCIAL (see above. Fighting under the Eagles entitles a Provincial to the same status as a Roman Probatii. Upon fielding with the Legions, a Provincial may opt to petition formally for full Roman citizenship. Upon acceptance of the petition and completion of campaigning in a war, the Provincial may be accorded the …)
  • LATIN RIGHTS PROVINCIAL (A Latin Rights Provincial is regarded as an elite Provincial. If a soldier, they have fought at least one war under Rome’s Eagles. As Latin Rights soldiers, they are entitled to equivalent Roman military rank and awards. A civilian may have to attend locally for a year, and/or attend two or three wars to achieve Latin Rights status. The endowment of Latin Rights declares that you are on your way to full citizenship.)
  • FULL ROMAN CITIZENSHIP (See above, under Soldier and Civilian. After fighting in at least two Wars, the Latin Rights Provincial may be offered the full Roman citizenship. A full Roman citizen living in the Provinces is exempted from signing the Roman Contract of Citizenship and paying monthly dues. However, all Roman citizens must swear the military oath (Sacramentum) and maintain their annual Provincial dues. In all other respects, they are expected to adhere to the standards expected of all Roman Citizens.)  

Please remember that your continued association with us is a privilege, not a right. We want you to enjoy the benefits of citizenship. We will welcome you and give you opportunities to prove yourself, and advice on how to earn full citizenship. Provincial status, the Latin Rights, and the extension of full Roman citizenship are the sole prerogative of the Imperator, who will act with the advice of the Senate and People of Rome. The Imperator reserves the right to revoke this status at any time for continued misconduct, misrepresentation, or disregard of Rome’s laws. Rome also reserves the right to deny application for status as a Provincial citizen.


A Provincial Legion differs from our local in Legions in that is either composed of Provincials or Auxiliaries, commanded by a Provincial, and/or located remotely from DC. Thus, a Provincial Legion may be composed entirely of full citizens. But based out of Wichita, Kansas, it is still located in the Provinces.

To form a Provincial Legion, a Provincial must recruit four other fighters for his five-man "squad." These fighters must register as Roman Provincials for Rome to recognize either the Commander’s status or the Legion. A Commander is expected to maintain his/her Legion’s active status through their participation in Rome’s wars. A purely "on-paper" Legion is of little benefit to the empire, and the erstwhile Commander's command authority will not be recognized on the field unless he has troops to command. As with any of Rome’s Legions, no Commander may have more than one Legion under his/her personal command. This gives other Provincials an opportunity to reach the command ranks. If your Legion becomes over strength, help recruit a few more fighters and start another new Legion.


Provincial Legion Commanders are members of Rome’s command structure. They should be accorded the same support and recognition as any of Roman Legion Commanders. They are also due the same respect and dignity. A Provincial Legion Commander is entitled to attend Rome’s War Councils. Provincial Legion Commanders are responsible for seeing to it that at least four fighters in his Legion attend one war per year to maintain status as an active Provincial Legion. They must also:

  • Choose a name and number for his Provincial Legion (consult history books if authenticity is a concern).
  • Create a Legion banner (Signum).
  • Provide regular reports of their local campaigns and military exercises for publication in Roman periodicals. These reports must include promotion and awards distribution, where applicable (see below).
  • Submit the Provincial Legion’s attendance to Dominus or Rome’s Quaestor in writing at every war for records.

A Prefect is a Legion Commander who is either a Provincial, a Latin Rights Provincial, or a full citizen commanding a Legion composed entirely of auxiliaries. His rank on the field entitles him to authority greater than a Centurion, but less than that of a Military Tribune. The Prefect bears the same mark of office as a Military Tribune: a red cape bordered in purple.

The Provincial Tribune is Provincial Legion Commander who has attained Latin Rights status. The Provincial Tribune has field authority equal to that of a Military Tribune in Rome’s home Legions. A Provincial Tribune is delegated the authority to bestow military awards on members of his Legion who are of Latin Rights status or above, at their own local events. The Provincial Tribune must justify the award in his reports to the Imperator, who will record the award and report the feat of valor. The Commander may not delegate this authority to anyone else.

Upon achieving full Roman citizenship, the Provincial Tribune will be elevated to the lofty rank of Procurator, or Military Governor. The Procurator has field authority equal to that of a Legatus. The Procurator will automatically receive a vote on War-related issues in the Roman Senate as an honorary Roman Senator. He may bestow military awards just as a Provincial Tribune. He is further empowered with the authority to bestow military promotions up to the rank of Decurion on members of his Legion who are of Latin Rights status or above. These promotions must be justified by a Provincial’s equipment and efforts, and will be recorded and recognized by Rome.

Keep in mind that leadership is a service one provides to those under you, and that you are responsible to your soldiers and to Rome. A good commander must be responsible to both Rome and his Legion. Rome has a long tradition of zero tolerance for people who abuse or flout their authority, rather than using it to fulfill their responsibilities. Rome also zero patience for backstabbing or dirty politics in our ranks. Be warned that any disgraceful and unwarranted acts of mutiny or tyranny in the Provinces may result in permanent banishment from Rome. Our involvement is mutually voluntary. No one should ruin that good time for anyone else, or commit any act that reflects poorly on us all. Poor treatment of your Legion Commander or your Legion dishonors and disgraces Rome, and incurs the displeasure of the Imperator. If you have a personality conflict, take your argument to Rome’s Praetor. If unsatisfied with the Praetor’s findings, decisions or recommendations, you may appeal to the Imperator. We want you to enjoy your association with Rome to its fullest. If you have concerns or ideas as to how Rome could be a better experience for us all, please don't hesitate to write the Imperator

Keep checking back, more information and updates will soon be available on the many benefits accorded to Provincial Legions and Provincial Legion Commanders. 


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