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AUXILIARY OR ALAE: Non-citizens. This term will refer generically to:

  • Probatii - Probationary recruits petitioning for Roman citizenship.
  • Those who owe allegiances or military obligations outside the Empire.
  • Mercenaries who fight for Rome, if and when. (Rome’s policy is "why bother with mercs?")
  • All non-citizen teammates in general.

To join us temporarily as an Auxiliary, requires only our willingness to accept you on a temporary basis. This is generally dictated by the circumstances. For instance, if you are a well equipped, veteran fighter we will almost always accept you. But if you have little experience or equipment, and Rome is fielding several raw recruits, we would generally prefer you join the other side unless we require sheer numbers. A powerful veteran who lends Rome military assistance may be awarded the title of "Friend and Ally of the Roman People". This honor renders the veteran a right to fight with Rome at any time. It also enables them to assemble and command Auxiliary Legions.

Auxiliaries are protected under Roman Law, which they are expected to learn and follow.

Auxiliaries receive loaner armor only after true Roman citizens get first pick. While this appears inequitable, you enjoy the luxury of fighting with (rather than against) Rome. This means Rome reserves the right to make such decisions as which Legion you will be assigned to and where you will fight.

Only Probatii (auxiliaries petitioning for citizenship) and citizens count toward the active five soldiers required for a Legion complement. All Probatii must own and wear a red tunic. Though you fight for Rome, you will not receive awards or promotions. A Probati must fight as an auxiliary for at least six months before Rome offers citizenship. At this time the Probati is required to make a decision as to his/her permanent allegiance to Rome. If he/she elects not to join Rome, they may still fight with us (depending on the circumstances listed above), but will not get the choice again. Why? Rome wants dedicated soldiers who believe in her, not the typical hangers-on who drift between popular and powerful units. 

Historically, the alae were composed of barbaric allies from subject states who were used to soften up enemy lines and slow charges. You should consider yourself fortunate to have Rome’s support. An auxiliary owes us no long-term allegiance. The auxiliary's biggest advantage lies in not having to face Rome on the field of battle.

If/when citizenship is conferred upon a Probati, he or she will be assigned a rank according to their experience, ability and equipment. Recruits will generally be accorded the following rank until they have demonstrated dedication, loyalty, and ability:

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