Do you want to BE a Roman Gladiator? Legionary? Centurion? General? Senator? We've been living your dream for years! Be the Hero! Live the Dream.

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"The Biggest and Best Ragnarok Ever!"

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Did you buy a tee shirt as memorabilia? As a lasting souvenir of Dagorhir's greatest event ever? Now's your chance, supplies are still available! 


Did you miss out? Run out of money? It's not too late! Don't be left out! Impress your friends! Be the first kid on your block to sport a Ragnarok XVIII tee shirt! Be a walking celebration of the "biggest and best Ragnarok ever!" Be a walking advertisement for the most fun someone can have out of bed without going to jail! Shipping is free, supplies are limited, the cost is low. Act now!

Choose your size and Click the Pay Pal button below! 



Thanks to the very talented Banditt Adams of Angaron for brilliant artwork on the front of the Ragnarok XVIII tee-shirt, in keeping with our Two Towers/Battle of Hornburg theme. 

Free shipping & handling! Please allow two to three weeks for delivery!












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