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A Plebeian is the standard Roman citizen. This will be the starting social status for almost every citizen of Rome. There may be occasional exceptions for veterans, but almost every new recruit will be a Plebeian. You are the foundation of Rome, the basis of the entire unit. You are the people in the expression "Senate and People of Rome". You are not a lowly peasant. You are a citizen of Rome, and you must never bend a knee in supplication to either lords or gods.

Plebeians are encouraged to seek out a Noble Household and offer your services as a "Client" in exchange for their "Patronage". The mutual obligations between patron and client may differ somewhat from House to House. For the most part these obligations consist merely of looking after one anotherís interests. The patron represents his/her clientsí interests in the Senate and helps them progress up Romeís social ladder. In return the Patron should expect his/her Clients to support specific candidates in the elections and keep an ear to the ground on their behalf. It is possible to be a client of a patron who is a client of his own patron. In this case, your patronís patron would also be your patron.

A non-Senatorial Plebeian may increase their social status to Equestrian in any of three ways:

  • Seek election as Tribune of the Plebs (see Roman Officials).
  • Adoption (see Roman Family) into a Household. Adoption does not automatically provide the adopted Roman a seat in the Senate. The adopted Equestrian or Patrician must still become a Senator through political office.
  • Achieving any three of the highest military awards (see awards), the Coronae Graminea, Civica, or Aurea.

Plebeians enjoy Senate representation through the Tribune of the Plebs. While the Tribune may not vote, he/she has considerable power. The Plebeian Tribuneís abilities are detailed under Roman Politics and Officials


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