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"It is indeed a desirable thing to be well-descended, but the glory belongs to our ancestors."
-Plutarch (46-120AD), Greek essayist, biographer. Moralia, "On the Training of Children" (c. 100 A.D.).

The Patrician Class is Rome's elite aristocracy, the powerful Founding Families of Rome. For centuries Patricians governed Rome exclusively. To be a Patrician is to view the Senate (indeed, the Consulship) as your birthright. Your bloodline can be traced to the Senate of Romulus himself, and is steeped in honors, culture, and tradition. Your ancestors have held high office, commanded great armies, and installed the known world beneath the Roman boot. In reality, the Patrician Class is Rome's old guard, a particular distinction for those who originally helped build Rome into the great empire of which you are a part. The title is just a formal acknowledgement of their tenure in Rome. Patricians should sew a broad purple stripe (at least three inches wide) down the right side of their tunics to signify their rank. Historically, Patricians also wore an iron ring, and shoes of red leather.

Rome's current Patrician families are as follows: House Arthol, House Gracchus, House Deloricus, House Ickorus, House Severus, House Tempest, House Valerius, House Vrykolacus, and House Xirinius. Any member whose tenure with Rome predates July 2nd, 1995 may establish a Patrician House upon their entrance into the Senate provided they are not already a member of an existing House.

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