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  • This appointment is only open to Equestrians and Patricians.
  • The Aedile must sponsor and preside over two events in Rome's name, i.e., battle, games, races, feast, quest, or a sacred hunt. One of the two events shall be exclusively Roman. This is an important responsibility, as Rome relies on its Aedile for recognition and public relations. 
  • Aedile candidates must present their ideas for events when announcing their candidacy. This event must be pre-approved by the Consuls and Tribune of the Plebs. The Consuls and Tribune may disapprove an event, not a candidate, for this reason. (Lex Valeria Junia
  • The ballot for Aedile must include a brief description of the event they wish to hold. (Lex Valeria Junia
  • The Aedile is immediately elevated to the Senate (if he/she is not already a Senator).



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