Do you want to BE a Roman Gladiator? Legionary? Centurion? General? Senator? We've been living your dream for years! Be the Hero! Live the Dream.

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This is not an elected position. I, Dominus, reserve this title for myself, along with the endowment of dictatorial powers and imperium. I am Rome's founder and have been a unit commander since 1982. I am both qualified and worthy. In accordance with the Augustan constitution I shall act with the advice of the Senate. My authority and responsibilities are as follows: 

  • Command armies in the field.
  • Approve Seconds-in-Command (i.e., Legion Commanders).
  • Distribution of military promotions and awards.
  • Distribution and revocations of citizenship.
  • Determine punishments when the Senate's laws are violated.
  • Submit martial laws to the Senate for ratification.
  • Call for a "State of Emergency" (in times of threat against Rome).

More should be written here. The text above is years old, written in the militaristic tone of Rome's original Handbook. I am a longstanding Roman tradition. The wording above has gone respectfully untouched for years in our Mos Maiorum.

If you think of Rome in terms of a football team, I am Rome's head coach. I am also privileged to be a star quarterback among several star quarterbacks (No, I'm not a football fan - I'd rather be sword fighting. ;-) What I am not is a "king." I don't lord about or put on airs. I never give "orders" off the battlefield. I don't like "yes men," and I detest bowing and scraping. I don't require anyone to address me by my title. Rome is a team, and we do this to have a good time. My most important responsibility is to make sure that Romans are having a good time. It's a responsibility I take very seriously. Having fun also means winning lots of battles. Or occasionally going out gloriously against overwhelming odds!   

Authority in Rome only exists to fulfill responsibilities to the organization. New people notice quickly that people in leadership roles do the most work, on and off the battlefield. My authority includes the privilege of honoring and acknowledging those who do hard work Rome, like recruiting, equipping, and running a Legion.  I also get to reward and recognize experienced "soldiers" who contribute to Rome's military success.

I take Rome seriously, and always consider what's best the group. We all do. That's the reason for our many years of consistent success. Many of our membership have been doing this for years, we have a lot invested. It's a fun crowd of great people, who know how to leave personal issues at the door for the sake of the group. We have no patience for troublemakers.

I take a great deal of pride in our level of commitment and integrity, our achievements, our lasting reputation, and the many dedicated friends and Romans who support the team's pre-eminence. I welcome anyone else to join, to share and support our vision of Roman greatness.


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