Do you want to BE a Roman Gladiator? Legionary? Centurion? General? Senator? We've been living your dream for years! Be the Hero! Live the Dream.

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So, you want to be a Roman? We don't blame you a bit.  It's a shared dream of ours, one that we fulfill together almost every weekend. Our group is not about reenactment, it's about simulated combat in a safe, fun environment that fosters sportsmanship and fellowship. Our citizenry includes people from 18-55, from all walks of life. Government employees, construction workers,   college professors, college students, and more.

We are based in Washington, DC, but have members in Buffalo, NY and in Los Angeles, CA. We are bound together by the shared experience of Roman glory. Rome is a grand tradition.  And it's a dream we're happy to share with those who share our interest, dedication, and enthusiasm. Rome is more than a hobby, it's a way of life. Everything Roman is reflected not just in the way we fight and conquer, but in the way we work and play, and in the way we conduct our lives. Being a Roman is too much fun. So we're naturally a little particular about who we share that fun with. We're very proud of our achievements, and of the lasting reputation we've built in the years since 1987.


Becoming a Roman may seem overwhelming to the uninitiated. However, while nothing truly great is ever easy, it is not that hard to get started out on the Roman road. And as we all know, all roads lead to Rome.

Rome is first and foremost a military organization. We focus on medieval style, full-contact mock combat. An individual does not really need that much to get started. The minimum requirements are:

  • A red tunic with a belt (see Clothing)

  • A short sword (see Weaponry)

  • A desire to be a Roman!

  • Attendance at a Roman event (see the Schedule on this site for Roman events)

It may seem overwhelming to join us at a battle with 100 people on the field or a war with 3,000 people on the field.  Practices are a great, low-key way to meet Rome and learn to do what Rome does best, fight!

Rome conducts practices each week, weather providing. Most of our membership range from Northern Virginia to Baltimore, so we are spread far enough to warrant multiple practices. A local practice will include people within a 30 minute driving distance.

Practices are usually in the evening, on a weeknight and last for 2-3 hours. Garb (costuming) and armor are not worn or used at practices. Loaner weapons are available for newcomers, and veterans will be there to train you and show you how to get equipped. Check the website under Schedule for practice times and locations.

Starting out is easy, and we’ll help you along the way. This rest of this document details what is expected from every Roman. We have all lived up to those expectations for years. Many of us strive to surpass them. That’s what that sets us apart and makes us great. We act together for the dream of our great Roman State.  Romans live the dream and we invite you to share that dream with us. There is truly nothing better.


So, you want to be a Roman? While various requirements are detailed throughout this book, they are consolidated them here for easy reference.

 A Roman Citizen will:

  1. Camp with Rome's Legions at Wars we attend.

  2. Receive a hard copy of the Mos Maiorum and all subsequent updates;

  3. Receive our periodical, detailing Roman-related events and highlights, war registration information, and recognition of the efforts and contributions of citizens throughout the empire;

  4. Receive reasonable assistance, guidance and/or reference materials constructing weapons, armor, and equipment, or in finding local medieval combat societies, Roman reenactment groups, and live-action role-playing games;

  5. Have their character identity and social status documented as a member of the People of Rome, and a citizen of the Roman Empire.

  6. Have the offer of citizenship extended to them by the Imperator of Rome. This supersedes all other requirements. 


To enlist in our glorious Roman Legions as a soldier, you must: 

  1. Fight with Rome at any battles or Wars we attend;

  2. Fill out the Roman Citizen Data Sheet provided to you at your first event;

  3. Attend at least six months of battles as a Petitioning Auxiliary (see Auxiliary) or at least two full Wars;

  4. Take and follow the military oath (see Sacramentum);

  5. Agree to and sign the Roman Contract of Citizenship;

  6. Own and wear a red tunic (see Clothing);

  7. Paint the Roman shield symbol on your shield if/when you have one;

  8. Understand and adhere to the laws set down by the Senate and People of Rome (see Lex Romanum);

  9. Find a Legion Commander willing to accept you into his Legion.

Roman military service is a long-term commitment. Rome has a lot to offer a new recruit. Rome is the best unit you will ever have the privilege to join. But understand that your wish to join must be more for Rome's greater glory than for your own. Referring to the first martial law of the Lex Romana: Rome will not be taken advantage of.



To become a private civilian of the Roman Empire, you must: 

  1. Fill out the Roman Citizen Data Sheet provided to you at your first event;

  2. Understand and adhere to the civil laws set down by the Senate and People of Rome (see Lex Romanum);

  3.  Own a Roman costume and wear it at any events you attend in your non-combatant capacity (see Clothing);

  4. Take and follow the military oath (see Sacramentum).

Civilians have no need for, or access to, Roman military secrets. Neither are they bound by Roman martial laws. Our focus is obviously military, but civilians contribute significantly to Rome and will earn recognition for their contributions.

Civilians may not hold elected office, Rome is a military state. However, they may be appointed by a magistrate or serve on a committee.


We've often met fighters with Roman personas and armor at Pennsic and other wars we attend. You are welcome to fight with us on a temporary basis. The more the merrier! We only require that you adhere to our standards of honor and sportsmanship while fighting in our ranks. We all want to be part of something greater, and what could be greater than Rome?



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