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The Legionary rank was originally the starting rank for any Roman citizen. This has changed for a number of reasons. No one gets enfranchised as a Roman citizen without spending a considerable time with us as a Probati. A Probati must prove him/herself worthy. By the time they have, they are usually a hardened veteran, because theyíve spent a good six months attending two or three battles a month. Thatís twelve to eighteen battles! So most Legionaries these days are actually worthy fighters, Roman veterans of many campaigns who no longer have time to fight on a regular basis. In fact, itís disturbing how many Legionaries sport Patrician stripes beneath their armor. But thereís no shame in being a Legionary. There is always room for a Roman in the Legions, and Rome should appreciate an old vetís participation, regardless of its frequency.

You are a Roman citizen! Welcome to the Legions! Into this category fall:

Those who are new to combat and require both training and equipment.
Those who do not attend more than five battles a year.

The Legionary will be responsible for:

Obeying his commander's orders.
Remaining by his commander's side in battle.

His Commander, in return for service, must train the Legionary:

To be proficient with his/her weapon(s) of choice.
How to make weapons, garb, and armor.
How to characterize at least sufficiently.

Generally a raw recruit will be a legionary for only 4-5 months before proficiency gains him/her a promotion.

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